Local Doctors Indicted on Drug Charges

Seven local doctors were indicted this week on federal drug charges, including Dr. Michael Ganz of Wind Point and Dr. Steven Armus of Caledonia. Authorities say that the doctors were caught transporting cocaine with intent to distribute.

It is believed that they have ties to a cocaine distribution ring in Southeastern Wisconsin, with most of the activity taking place in Racine, Kenosha, Sturtevant and Waterford.

There is no official mention of the doctor’s organization ties, but many in Racine believe that the distribution ring is tied to the mob, which is known to have a significant presence on the Racine’s far north side, as well as the south side of Kenosha, both of which are conveniently situated between Milwaukee and Chicago.

Dr. Armus has a history of drug-related crime. In March of 2009, an officer found 26.6 grams of cocaine in his car during a traffic stop and is currently facing charges which could result in his imprisonment.

Racine’s drug operation is known to involve many with positions of prestige. Many local lawyers, doctors and even government officials are actively involved in criminal organizations, which specialize in the trafficking of weapons and illicit drugs.

Despite the establishment of the Joint Task Force, which was established to target organized crime and drug operations, there is still a stronghold of activity in the area.

There is no word yet if Ganz Allergy and Asthma will stay open for business following the indictment. As of now, there are no governing orders preventing him from continuing with his medical practice.

Ganz could face anywhere from 10 years to life in prison if convicted.


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